He is a Golden Retriever cross poodle. Born in Armidale on 19th May 2016. He is currently working to be a service dog for Aimee and is always taste testing the new products. He has anxiety but can still be his crazy silly self! Teddys favourite things to do are swimming, zoomies and stealing those treats while mum isn’t looking.  Follow his journey on @teddytheservicedog on instagram


He is a Maltese cross Shit-zu, and our family dog. He loves walkies, sleep, and of course eat. Charlie is old now so he’s much lazier and more laid back compared to big boy Teddy and the new puppy Chester. He was Born in August and will be 9 years old this year! The oldest of the group but yet still gets up on his hind feet for treats.


He is the newest of the gang as he’s just a puppy! A big one I might add... Chester is a labradoodle so Labrador cross poodle. He was from Daisylea labradoodles so was born local to Brisbane and on the 8th July 2019. He loves the water, food and stealing undies/bras! Chester is surely the food thief he loves to any food while your not looking for a few seconds. Follow his journey on @chester.labdoodle19 on instagram