When in the wild Dogs would hunt their own prey eat the fur/feathers, meat, organs and bones. They also eat some vegetables which are usually from a preys stomach so they have been crushed down to get more vitamins. Remembering they also eat spring grass roots and some herbs or foraging vegetables that they find. They wouldn't eat this all at once some days they don't eat at all but some days they can go ahead and eat a whole prey. With dogs being our companions captive they should be offered food twice a day for adults and three times for puppies this is so that if they are hungry they will eat it and get the energy & nutrition from the food to help them maintain health, growth and other things. So really they shouldn't be getting all this commercial dog food whether its treats, chews, dry/wet food. 

Commercial treats, chews and pet food found in the shops has added preservatives, (chemicals), plus more chemicals within them (some are bleached or dyed) and mainly scraps of meat (fat and off cuts) not actual meat such as a chicken breast. Example of a chew is rawhide they get cows skins add a chemical to remove fat and fur, then it goes into a tumbler with high amounts of bleach to remove dirt, then its flattened cleaned again and dyed. Thats just a few processes of how it's made. Just those few show how unhealthy these chews are and unnatural even when they say natural. You should be able to tell a treat, or chew is natural like our goat skin rawhide still has fur and dirt on its just added nutrition for them and taste.

The best diet you can give your companion is a balanced RAW diet. This is because commercial foods now contain toxins, addictive's, carbs, and other things that they aren't meant to eat. Benefits of feeding a Raw balanced diet species appropriate, helps maintain health, fresher breath, cleaner digestive system, less vet visits, cleans teeth naturally, appropriate levels of energy (commercial food can make them sugar high similar to kids after  packets of junk food) lastly better smaller stools.

A raw balanced diet would consist of 80% raw meat (vary meats but more red than white), 10% offal half should be liver and 10% edible bone. Also can give some pureed veg (10% once a day), kefir (1 tbsp small and 2 tbsp large breeds), coconut oil (1 tsp per 5kgs). chia seeds (1tsp), egg whole (2 a week), turmeric paste (1 tsp), raw fish (omega 3 & 6) and berries. 

Remember when feeding bones they shouldn't be weight bearing bones only meaty edible bones. This is because it can grind down teeth, break teeth, choking hazard, and marrow is high in fat/salt. proper meaty edible bones are ones like necks, drumsticks, feet, heads, spines, and tails.  Bones are good for cleaning teeth, calcium, relaxing, and healthy gums. Never feed a cooked bone though as thats a dangerous choke hazard!