Ever been busy turned your back for few minutes or come home and you find there's mess everywhere from your cat or dogs !? Destroyed underwear, dug  in the yard, explosion of feathers from cushions and more. This could be why...

If you think about whats involved in companions getting food out in the wild, all the sniffing, finding and then catching the prey. Well for our companions they dont need to do that as we supply the foods or treats so enrichment toys/activities is a better idea to keep them from getting bored. Its also healthy for the brain as its mental activity.

So time to ditch the food bowl and get creative! Companions should always work for treats and food and theres lots of way to do that I'll give you some ideas here. Make sure it's fun, mentally stimulating, and helping them stay fit and healthy. There are many ways of feeding dogs kongs, cardboard boxes, scatter feeding, training, hide and seek, foobler, snuffle mats and more!!
Enrichment is also good for when you have to leave your companion at home or while your busy doing something at home and need something to keep them busy. Especially dogs with seperation anxiety it will help keep them busy whlile your gone and not stress out too much! If you crate your dog then no problem you can do enrichment in the crate such as a snuffle mat or even just put in a frozen stuffed cow hoove/kong. If you leave them outside in the backyard or in a room theres alot more options and the bigger the area the more enrichment you can do!
We have stock of Snuffle ems enrichment things for you to try! snuffle mats and more they will be in the enrichment section of our shop and if you follow our social media I will do a video tutorial of each with our treats every now and then. 
Other good enrichment places to go buy enrichment toys..
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